Writing a Book – Something of a Balancing Act

I’m very happy to be working on a book with co-authors Prof. David Pendleton and Dr. Tatiana Rowson from Henley Business School and Peter Derbyshire, an independent consultant and strategic associate of the LSIS.

We will be exploring the theme of balance at work.

The relentless focus on work-life balance in recent years may have caused us to gloss over a fundamental of working life: the role that balance at work plays in helping people thrive.

Work-life balance is no good if we are so depleted at work we cannot be re-energised by our life outside it. When the negative elements of our job ‘out-weigh’ the positives we feel run-down and depleted; but when the balance tips the other way we feel joyous and alive.

With the cost to UK business of poor workplace mental health estimated to be as much as £44bn each year, it has never been more important to help people thrive at work.


What do we mean by balance?

Does culture play a part, or are job tasks the primary drivers?

What about personal volition?

Above all – how can we influence balance to help people thrive?


Watch this space for updates on progress and publication dates when the time comes. Now enough website updating – I need to get on with it.




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